Technology and well-being 

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The Employee Rational and Irrational Beliefs Scale 2OanaGavita_TeodoraDuta.pdf

The Freeman-Gavita Prescriptive Executive Coaching Assessment JCBP 2012 Freeman-Gavita.pdf

The Parent Anger Scale parent anger scale article procedia 2011.pdf

The Parent Rational and Irrational Beliefs Scale Parent RIBS Procedia article.pdf


Anterior cingulate cortexfindings in child disruptive behavior disorders acc_avb.pdf

Effectiveness of group cognitively enhanced behavioral based parent programs review.pdf

Parenting Interventions

Online Rational Parenting Program link

Retman and self-help short Rational Parenting Program 2013Gavita_Retman.pdf

The short Rational Parenting Program for externalizing behavior in foster cared children foster_articol_CYSR.pdf

Books and chapters

Rational Parenting Program

Self-Acceptance and the Parenting of Children gavita-digiuseppe-and-david-rational-parenting.pdf

Theoretical model

Cognitive Behavioral Parent Programs for the Treatment of Child Disruptive Behavior JCP25-4_240-256.pdf