Corporate coaching

Today's financial crisis context and competitive business environment requires every employee within your organization to be capable of performing to their maximum potential. Our team will assist you in obtaining outstanding individual and team performance, by acting as catalysts to help you break through personal, organizational, and cultural barriers to success, develop skills to meet emerging needs and achieve superior business performance — especially during periods of organizational change and crisis.


Performance Coaching

We are providing coaching for managers and business leaders seeking to understand and use coaching skills necessary in obtaining best performance in today’s organizations.

Executives face a number of challenges during the course of any business day. Our coaching sessions will assist you in coping with your pressing schedule, take rational decisions and team development health coaching strategies that will help you advance your career and perform to your potential.

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Stress Management Coaching

We are providing coaching for managers and business leaders seeking to understand and control their own emotions and learn to manage the inevitable stress of the rapid changes and competitive business environment.

The corporative world is a very exciting yet unpredictable place. When undesired and unpleasant events happen, people may begin to feel disturbed, lose patience, experience conflicts with collaborators. The end result of this stress is always a decrease in employees' efficiency and company's productivity. An employee or manager who is overwhelmed with negative and upsetting feelings is virtually incapable of performing efficiently. The key to consistent top performance is to coach your managers and employees to manage their emotions that are resulting in non-productivity.

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Communication and Public Speaking Coaching (Virtual Reality procedures "Virtually better")

Our team is using world-wide innovating techniques - virtual reality environments - in order to reduce your anxiety in public speaking situations and improve your skills. Before using exposure techniques, the coach will teach you anxiety-management strategies and ways to address thoughts that perpetuate anxiety. You will be afterwards assisted by our specialists in delivering your speech in different settings, depending on your particular interest: business meeting room, conference settings and from behind a podium. Through our VR technology, your speech text will be presented on a monitor on the podium and you will wear a helmet allowing you full immersion in the virtual environment. During the exposure, the psychologist can switch the audience state – e.g., make the audience display boredom, disapproval, applause, etc.

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Coaching for overcoming Flight fear (VR procedures "Virtually better")

Many managers have great difficulties in travelling by plane. Some of the people are enduring their flight journeys with great anxiety and panic, take medication or alcohol, while others are avoiding the flights and spend a lot of their precious time and energy travelling by other means. This is having a great impact on their efficiency and the company's productivity. Our team is specialized in guiding you to overcome your flight fear and immersing you gradually in the virtual plane settings and assisting you in gaining the capability to make your business travels comfortably.

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Career coaching

Transitioning from one career to another is usually a process accompanied by a combination of exhilaration and fear. Although your heart may tell you it's time to move forward, it is not uncommon to feel blocked by a sense of loss. A Career Coach can provide guidance and support, but more importantly, pose the pressing questions that will help you look at your professional life more clearly. Once you have made the decision, you will be assisted to make sure your plan is backed with sustained effort and follow through - and that you accomplish what you set out to do.

Schedule a Carrier Coaching appointment and choose the best carrier for you.


Time management coaching

If you are always racing against the clock, miss deadlines and appointments, never realize where the time goes, feel you need time to stop, think and focus, it means you are sacrificing quality, risk damaging your reputation and this is interfering with your company's success. Without good time management, you may find yourself spread so thin that you are running from one project to another, unable to finish anything. Time management coaching will help you prioritize, get things done, develop a workable schedule, operate at peak efficiency, improve focus, take time to think, overcome procrastination and get organized. In this way you'll increase productivity, feel less pressured and have time to enjoy your life.

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Problem solving Coaching

Einstein said that “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Problem-solving Coaching will help you better define your problems, develop perspective and brainstorm innovative solutions, evaluate their impact and choose the best solution to your problems. Our experts will guide you towards implementing your best solution to the problems and getting long lasting skills to be able to solve your future problems, no matter their nature.

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Organizational cognitive-behavioral diagnosis

 We are using evidence-based assessment tools in order to gather specific data on the factors that are impacting the results of your organization. By using appropriately validated cognitive, behavioral and emotional instruments, these targeted behaviors can easily be measured and their effectiveness in reaching organizational goals evaluated in a rigorous manner. Our emphasis on research and evidence will provide your organization and employees with a validated system to greatly increase the chances of effecting lasting behavioral change.

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Coaching in bullying and mobbing situations

Mobbing is a form of emotional abuse, which can harm an individual’s health, career, family, and the organization that he/she serves. Organizations may find themselves in such situations, especially since people embrace different personal values. Our coach will help recognize the signs of bullying/mobbing and make sure this will not sabotage your organizational performance.

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